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Подготовительные курсы

Information for foreign students


Address of faculty: 119234, Russian Federation, Moscow, Leninsky Gory 1-33, MGU, Faculty of Sociology
Telephone: +7 (495) 939 21 57
E-mail: foreign@socio.msu.ru


Natalia Alexandrovna Panich

Deputy dean for international students affairs, PhD, associate professor

Yulia Kargina

Office Hours

  • In our office, Monday - Friday, from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm.
  • On our website: www.socio.msu.ru 24 hours a day.

General information

The academic year at MSU starts in September and ends in June (01.09-30.06).

Faculty of Sociology provides full-time studies for bachelor and master degree programs.

All programs at the Faculty of Sociology are taught in Russian.

There are several ways to apply:

on general base (same rules as for Russian students — passing Russian State Exam (ЕГЭ), following the general rules on http://cpk.msu.ru),

  • receiving a compatriot status (verification of the compatriot status is necessary, same rules as on the general base would be applied),
  • contract-based studies.


To get a letter of invitation, necessary for receiving a student visa, please send via e-mail (socio.foreign @gmail.com) the following documents to the Department of international studies:

  • application form;
  • a notarized copy of the University diploma (if You graduated from one of the Russian Universities) or notarized translation (original) of Your diploma (if it was received in a country other than Russia);
  • photocopy of the first two pages of Your passport.

Upon consideration of Your documents You will be sent the letter of invitation. Please find out the details of getting visa in the Russian Embassy in Your country. It takes about 45 days to get the letter of invitation, that is why You are recommended to send all the documents as soon as possible.


Crossing the Russian border you are provided with the migration card (see the picture below).

Please have the migration card with you. It’s necessary for the registration processing.


To study at the Faculty of Sociology you need to apply for a study visa at the Russian Embassy in your country.

First of all, please contact the Russian Embassy in your country to find out what kind of documents you need to apply for your entry visa and learn what the whole process is like.

The list of documents usually includes the following papers:

  • A completed visa application form;
  • A copy of your national passport;
  • A passport size picture;
  • Confirmation of your visa application fee payment;
  • Original letter of invitation from your Russian host organization (in our case it is Moscow State University)
  • Electronic invitation letter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (in our case it is Moscow State University)
  • Application (freeform);

The list of documents may vary depending on your country of origin!

The first visa obtained is a 3 month single entry visa. Upon its expiry, it will be prolonged till the end of your study time at the Faculty of Sociology and will become a multiple entry one.

Please keep in mind that you have to apply for the visa prolongation around 1,5 months before it’s expiry.

ADMISSION (contract-based studies):

Bachelor studies

Bachelor's degree takes 4 academic years to complete.

The applicants are enrolled according to the results of the entrance examinations (two entrance exams):

  • the bachelor program “Sociology” – Social studies and Russian (an interview)
  • the bachelor program “Management” – Mathematics and Russian (an interview)


  • Application (freeform);
  • School Leaving Certificate (High school diploma) with a notarized translation into Russian and its original;
  • Official copy of Your academic record (Transcript with the list of all subjects and marks) with a notarized translation into Russian and its original;
  • Medical certificate given by Medical facilities, confirming that You do not have contraindications for studies in the Russian Federation and at the faculty You are applying to;
  • The AIDS test result confirming that You do not have AIDS, valid on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Passport with visa and migration card;
  • Six 3x4 cm photographs.

Master studies

Master's degree takes 2 academic years to complete.

Faculty of Sociology provides 7 master programs:

  1. Sociology of Personality
  2. Social Technologies for Modern Management
  3. Sociology of Political Management
  4. Communicative Space of Modern Megalopolis
  5. Modern Social Research Methods
  6. State Administration of Social Processes
  7. Sociology of World and Foreign Policy

The applicants are enrolled according to the results of the entrance examinations (one entrance exams): Sociology (in the written form).


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