Information for foreign students and scholars


General information

Faculty of Sociology was founded on June 6, 1989. It was the first faculty of sociology in Russian Federation.

Today the faculty carries out the training on several programs:
  • Bachelor's program - 4-year study, Bachelor of Sociology;
  • Master's program - 2-year study;
  • Post-graduate programs - 3 year study, different qualifications;
The faculty is devoted to culture of fundamental education based on internationally acknowledged and cosmopolite traditions of Russian science. The faculty’s graduates are valued not only in academic sphere but among top Russian and international employees. Hence the faculty offers the best educational programs to meet the needs of international students and requirements of contemporary sociology and employment standards in today’s dynamic and changing world. Upon graduation our students work in marketing and advertisement companies, think tanks, business and management consulting companies, successful private enterprises and start-ups, federal and local government structures.

Faculty of Sociology is a separate building on the southern-eastern side of the MSU campus which has 35 rooms, all with appropriate technical equipment, including computers/laptops with access to Microsoft Office and Internet, data projectors, microphones and loud speakers in larger rooms (see photos below). Wireless internet access is available in the building. Faculty computers have full access to all the main on-line scientific bases of electronic texts, including JSTOR, Springer, Annual Reviews, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, SAGE Publications, Taylor and Francis and many more.

Students of the faculty have access to the whole University campus on Leninskie hills – one of the biggest campuses in Europe. There are multiple libraries, concert halls, sport facilities, stadiums (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis courts), cafes and restaurants available to students. Campus is easily reached by public transport and has a contemporary system of cycling tracks, linked to neighboring Moscow districts.

More than 2000 students study annually at the Faculty of Sociology, about 150 post-graduates, more than 300 foreign students from all over the world, including Western and Central Europe and Asian Pacific. From 1990 to 2015 more than 800 foreign students graduated from the faculty and 60 postgraduates have defended their candidate and doctoral theses. Many of them hold important executive positions in industry, private enterprises, think tanks, government structures.

More than 100 staff professors, senior lecturers, lecturers and researchers work at 11 chairs and research laboratory:
  • Contemporary Sociology
  • History and Theory of Sociology
  • Sociological Research Methodology
  • Economic Sociology and Marketing
  • Sociology of Organisations and Management
  • Political Science and Sociology of Politics
  • Sociology of International Relations
  • Sociology of Family
  • Sociology of Communication
  • Sociology of Public Administration
  • Social Technologies
  • Laboratory of Educational Technologies
Lomonosov Moscow State University is a leading university in Russian Federation which actively cooperates with many higher educational institutions of Europe, USA, China and other countries of the world. This cooperation is carried out by exchange of students, post-graduate students and teachers, joint realization of scientific conferences and seminars (including on-line technologies). Faculty of Sociology coordinates scientific and educational activities of 143 Russian universities that prepare sociologists.


The faculty staff is always ready to help our foreign students and colleagues. The main tasks are to:

  • Provide our foreign students with all necessary assistance to enroll, study and graduate successfully from our faculty.
  • Elaborate the best educational programs to meet the needs of students and requirements of modern world in sociology.
  • Inform the student body about the different exchange programs.
  • Manage the various exchange programs, establishing bilateral agreements with foreign universities, with the goal of increasing the number of possible destinations.
  • Encourage the participation of students and teachers in the exchange programs.
  • Facilitate the integration of visiting students, as well as the departure of our students.
  • Organize short-term educational programs for current students to acquire the culture of different countries (Great Britain, Germany, France, Holland) during their holidays.


Address of faculty: 119234, Russian Federation, Moscow, Leninsky Gory 1-33, MGU, Faculty of Sociology.
Telephone: +7-(495) 939 5544
Fax: +7-(495) 939 4698

Office Hours

  • In our offices, Monday - Friday, from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm.
  • On our website: 24 hours a day.

Programs for foreign students

Bachelor's Degree Study

The faculty provides studies for bachelor's degree in Sociology. The length of study is 4 years. The curriculum of bachelor's degree study comprises several academic cycles: Philosophy, Russian, Culture Studies, History, Law, Political Sciences, Psychology and Pedagogy, Economics; Mathematics - Data Analysis in Sociology, Theory of Probabilities, Informatics and Computer Sciences, Higher Mathematics, Concepts of Modern Natural Science, General Professional and Special Disciplines - History of Sociology, General Sociology, Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research, Political Sociology, Demography, Social and Economic Statistics, Social Anthropology, Social Psychology, Social Modeling and Programming, Sociology of Labor, Economic Sociology, Sociology of Organisation, Sociology of Communication, Basics of Management, Social Ecology, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Family, Sociology of Political Processes, Social Systems and Processes, Sociological Problems of Public Opinion Surveys, Sociology of Advertising, Central and Local Government Administration. The cost of one year (two semesters) is 412.000 rubles not including additional living expenses.

Master's Degree Study

Length of study is 2 years. Upon graduation students are conferred the Master's degree of Sociology. Master's degree study is carried out in 5 Master's programs. The cost of one year (two semesters) is 420.000 rubles, not including additional living expenses.
  1. Sociology of Personality
  2. Social Technologies for Modern Management
  3. Sociology of Political Management
  4. Communicative Space of Modern Megalopolis
  5. Modern Social Research Methods
The curriculum of master's degree study comprises several academic cycles:
  • Basic component — modern problems of sociology, history and methodology of sociology, information technologies in science and education, modern sociological theories and schools, methodology of social inquiry, methods of sociological research, modeling and forecasting in sociological research.
  • Special disciplines — region as an object of socio-economic analysis, actual problems of personnel management, methods of business negotiations, marketing in business undertaking, identification in world politics, negotiations as method of solving international problems, innovative management, strategic management, organizational behavior, international marketing, brand management, project management, research of management systems, management consulting, financial management.

Post-Graduate Study and Doctor's Degree Study

Length of study is 3 years. The cost of one year is 262.000 rubles not including additional living expenses. Candidature and doctoral these can be defended on the following specialties:
  • Sociological Sciences
1.    Theory, Methodology and History of Sociology
2.    Economic Sociology and Demography
3.    Social Structure, Social Institutions and Process
4.    Sociology of Culture and Spiritual Life
5.    Sociology of Administration
6.    Political Sociology
  • Political Sciences
1.    Political Problems on International Relations and Global Development

List of documents you are required to study at Faculty of Sociology:

  1. Copy of your passport's every page (on e-mail you can send the page with your passport).
  2. The document about the previous education (the certificate or the diploma).
  3. The expertise of Russian Federation Ministry of Education of the document about the previous education stating that your education allows you to enroll higher university.
  4. Four photos.
  5. The medical information. Form № 086 should be received at MSU Medical Center upon your arrival.
  6. The level of Russian shouldn't be lower that First Certificate Level. Students can study Russian language in The Center of the International Education at MSU which settles down in Russia, Moscow, Krgiganovskogo street 24/35, building 1.
  7. If you have all these papers you will need the invitation of Moscow State University to apply for a visa. More information about that you will find in extract about invitations.

Exchange programs

The faculty manages various exchange programs, establishing bilateral agreements with foreign universities, with the goal of increasing the number of possible destinations. We encourage the participation of students and teachers in the exchange programs. Currently there are bilateral agreements with The Department of Social Sciences of University of Rome (Sapienza), Faculty of Sociology of University of Bodreaux and other universities across the world.

Invitations for participation in conferences

We hold several conferences each year and you can participate in them if you write essay or research project on requested topic. To enter Russian Federation you will need a visa. To apply for a visa you need the invitation of our Faculty. It takes 45 days to do all the paperwork for your invitation. To apply for it you need to send the copy of your passport (scanned copy on e-mail, the expire date should be no less than in 2 years), permanent address, position and address at your work, closest city in your country where there is Russian embassy so you can obtain a visa.